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Knister Charcoal City Grill, Original

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Barbecue on the go like on the big ones with the extendable Knister Original urban grill. Sustainability meets urbanization.

Barbecuing in the city usually causes a lot of transportation and a lot of waste. With the Knister charcoal grill, you can quickly be in the park with your loved ones. The Knister Charcoal Grill is a sustainable, high-quality and locally produced urban grill that can be transported on any bicycle. Barbecue masters can mount it to the handlebars with simple hand grips or carry it comfortably in their hands. In the park, its fold-down handles act as legs to keep the grass from charring. With a handle, it can be effortlessly extended and then stands with its 4.5kg like a one.

Food and charcoal can be easily stored inside the grill. Once at the barbecue site, the Knister Grill is quickly fired up, as it is able to optimally guide the air. Thus, even with a larger barbecue group of more than 6 people, the joy of eating is maintained. Knister is therefore the ideal companion for a relaxed barbecue experience in the city, a cool bike or camping tour.

Transport: Hang the Knister Grill on the bike or carry it like a basket Storage: During transport, Knister offers storage space
Small size: Pull apart the Knister Grill
Sustainable: 98% plastic free, 100% recyclable, 100% replaceable parts Production: Knister is completely made in the EU
Grate: Perfect stainless steel grate for vegetables and meat Cleaning: Completely dishwasher safe

Extendable to double size for 6-8 persons
2x optimized grills for meat and vegetables
Grill surface: 20cm x 28cm (extendable up to 49cm)
Suitable for the balcony, or bicycle rack

Product typ:
Charcoal BBQ Griill
Material Corpus:
Steel, 1,5mm, black coated
Material Corpus:
Stainless Steel, 2,5mm, 20 x 28 - 50 cm
Small, light, stabile
Scope of Delivery:
1x carcass consisting of two drawers,
2x grill grates (large and small grate)
2x wooden handles + 2x small screws
2x legs,
1x wing screw for additional transport safety for the grates
The bicycle, as well as the balcony holder are not included. They can be ordered here in the online store.
2 years
W x H x D:
34 - 63 x 25 x 40 cm
4,6 kg

Details about the Knister charcoal grill
The grills are made of 2.5mm thick stainless steel (V2A). The body is made of solid steel, fireproof coated up to 900°. The handles are made of ash wood from Bavaria. The legs are also made of stainless steel.

After the barbecue
Finished BBQ? Empty or extinguish the charcoal and let it cool down briefly. It does not take more than 5 minutes until the body of the Knister Grill has completely cooled down. Then you can simply hang the grill back on your bike and go home. If the ashes stay in the grill, only very little will fall through, because the ventilation slits are very narrow and were placed above the ash layer.

The body of the Knister Grill stays clean on the outside, so that it can be transported in the car.
Take the garbage home with you and dispose of it professionally :-) The aluminium bowl should be a thing of the past.

Does the lawn burn?
No, the Knister Grill can easily be placed on a lawn for normal barbecue fun.
However, if you want to grill for more than 3 hours or use the grill as a fire bowl, the lawn under the charcoal grill may dry up. For long barbecue fun, it is better to place the small grill on a stony surface.

Lighting the barbecue
Fill the grill with charcoal, to a maximum just above the ventilation slots. Light the charcoal and make it glow white. Due to the air supply, the grill not only gets hot quickly, it stays hot. Due to the chimney effect, you don't need to blow air into the grill like a hobo oven. A charcoal fire is therefore not necessary.
By the way, you can also touch the stainless steel legs during the grilling and also fold them over. These do not get hot.


The philosophy behind the Knister products and why eisenbams sells these products

Conscious consumption
One component of sustainability is longevity. Contrary to the fast-moving trend in the consumer goods industry, the primary goal is to design and bring to market products that last longer than just one barbecue season. Due to the excellent German engineering and the puristic Danish design, Knister guarantees the highest quality and design standards.

Social responsibility in manufacturing and the supply chain is a premise determined by Knister. For example, the grill handles are manufactured in a workshop for people with disabilities. It is our passion to educate users about a responsible approach to nature. Knister is committed to motivating barbecue enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts to practice sustainable barbecue methods and techniques.

For Knister, the freedom of an individual in all matters is central. However, the spatial freedom component is often limited for many people living in an urban environment. The luxury of their own garden or balcony is denied to many. Knister's credo "Out of the city - into nature" is intended to encourage city dwellers to spend time outside their four walls.

EAN 4270000239946
SKU 2400-1111
Weight/ kg 4,5
Material Stainless Steel, Steel
Width / cm 25
Length / cm 34 - 63
Height / cm 40
Delivery Time / Days 2-3
Condition new
Size 70 cm

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