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Delivery and Shipping | Fast, cheap and reliable

We are engaged to ship your order within 36 hours after your payment received. Please take a look at the respective products page for delivery times. Our delivery service partners are DHL and Schenker Logistics. If you wish a faster delivery when paying with Bank Prepayment than please send us a proof of your transfer. It takes 1 - 2 days for DHL to deliver your order within Germany. We only charge our customers for the fees DHL/ Schenker takes for its service.

Freight Costs within Germany

kg (above)  
0.00 3.75  
2.00 4.50  
5.00 6.10  
10.00 7.10  
20.00 8.25  
31.50 50.00  
70.00 100.00  

You might want to know the estimated freight costs. Therefor please take a look at your cart to get more information or take a look at the table here on the left side if you know the weight of your delivery.
We deliver to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Further countries on request.



For Europe without Germany:
kg (above)
0.00 16,00
2.00 16,50
3.00 17,35
4.00 17,36
5.00 18,35
6.00 19,10
7.00 19,60
8.00 20,15
9.00 20,75
10.00 21,30
11.00 21,90
12.00 22,50
13.00 23,00
14.00 23,70
15.00 24,30
16.00 24,90
17.00 25,50
18.00 26,10
19.00 26,70
20.00 27,25
21.00 27.90
22.00 28,50
23.00 29,10
24.00 29,70
25.00 30,30
26.00 30,90
27.00 31,50
28.00 32,00
29.00 32,70
30.00 34,00
31.00 50.00
50.00 100.00

All time limits for delivery stated in the product description are non-binding as shipping times lay outside of our control. Binding delivery times can only be guaranteed in certain, individual cases. The products are usually handed over to the chosen shipping provider within 2 days after having received the advanced payment through bank transfer. In case of having guaranteed a delivery time and in case of not being able to fulfill this commitment, the customer can set an additional respite of not less than two weeks. All other cases are subject to German law.
In case of cash by delivery payments, your products will be handed to the shipping provider within 2 days after receiving the order. Please keep in mind, that additionally to the package price (extra service fee of 5€), 2€ are to be paid to the delivering personnel.  
Partial deliveries are allowed as long as they do not create unreasonable inconveniences for the customer.

Unless otherwise instructed by the customer, PieIron.eu can chose shipping ways, shipping providers and mode of shipment in its sole discretion. If products are transportable in parcels, the delivery is free to kerbside. In case products are unable to be sent in parcels, delivery is free (Versendungsstelle).
PieIron.eu reserves the right to only sell volumes usual in the trade to non-wholesale customers.
We explicitly reserve the right to refrain from the contract if without own fault we are unable to fulfill its commitments. This applies to cases in which our supplier does not fulfill his commitments in due course. If so, we will immediately inform the customer and reimburse made payments. 

Damages / Cut-off periods for liability claims
Shipments delivered with apparent damage to the packaging or the content of the package, shall be notified to PieIron.eu (contact details in the following) not later than 2 weeks after receipt without prejudice to the customer’s right to warranty claims 

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E-Mail: info@eisenbams.de



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