Rome Waffle Iron Chuckwagon #1028 for Camp Fire available againDear Customers,

available again in Europe: our Rome Industries Chuckwagon Waffle Iron #1028. The chuck wagon waffle iron makes 6" diameter round waffles and is designed for use on grills, campfires and firepits (when placed on a flat surface such as a grill grate.) The waffle iron features 16" wood and steel handles that are removable for easy cleanup & stroage.

Before electric cooking devices were common, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and used on stoves, open fires and wood stoves. This design features a 6.75" diameter cooking area and has Pie Iron style rods/handles that unscrew for storage. Perfect for BBQ or two-burner camp stoves. Made from quality cast iron.

Extend your BBQ happening with this traditional waffle irons out of cast iron by Rome.