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Popcorn popper with lid (without handle)

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Our biggest popcorn pan in the shop. Take 300ml popcorn grains and some sunflower oil into the pan and you will get 4.4 l of popcorn out! What a great fun!
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Product Typ:
big Popcorn popper with handle and lid
carbon steel without heavy metals, handle out of ash wood
Camp fire, stoves, grill
Size Pot:
23cm x 16cm
easy to use, clean and en-/desemble
2 years
5 years
1.8 kg
300 ml popcorn corn yields 4.4 liters Popcorn

This big popcorn pot comes withOUT a 90cm long handle and can be held directly into the fire. The wall of this popcorn pot is perforated, so that all the popping of popcorn can pursue without danger. The container holds about 4 liters of popped corn.

The popcorn pot is made of carbon steel with no heavy metals. This is required so, that even in extreme heat no harmful substances gets into the food. To prevent rust, we recommend the following:

  • Before first use, please clean the popcorn pot with warm water and detergent.
  • Then rub the pot with a cloth soaked in cooking oil cloth or kitchen roll.
  • Press the supplied wooden handle firmly into the steel tube nozzle of the popcorn pot. We recommend that the stem through the hole for the screw through a 1 - 1 ½ mm predrilling drill to screw the handle on the pot.
  • Heat the popcorn pot over an open fire or embers until the oil smokes and burns away vigorously. The pot is in this case more or less blackened.

The best popcorn is rewarded in use of proper pop corn and plenty of cooking oil.

  • In the prepared popcorn pot (so) a maximum of 300 ml popcorn maize can be filled and heated. 300 ml of popcorn maize yield about 4 liters of popped corn.
  • For ungeplatzten popcorn corn always admit about 50% oil. Optimal is a set of only 100 ml ungeplatztem popcorn maize and 50 ml cooking oil.
  • Pour cooking oil into the pot, to about half of the corn is covered with oil.
  • The pot is kept embers over a strong fire or a thick layer. Shake the container easily, once the grains do right racket.
  • Once the whole corn is cracked, the finished popcorn is poured into another pot. Now the popcorn may be salted or sweetened (or both) - salt can corrode the popcorn pot!
EAN 4260066764537
Volume/l 5 l
SKU i&k-popcorntopf
Weight/ kg 1.8
Material Steel
Delivery Time / Days 2-3
Condition new
Size 110 cm

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