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Netherton Wok Shropshire Made 13’’(33cm) Spun Iron

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A real Netherton 12 inch spun Wok. It has hand made British oak handle covers you can take off if the wok pan needs to go into the oven or grill.
Made in Britain.
Pre-seasoned with flax oil for a natural non-stick finish.
Durable 99.1% pure iron wok with sturdy riveted handle.
Hand made, British oak handle with brass fixing.
Suitable for high temperature frying & browning.
Flat bottom. Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas, ceramic, halogen & induction hobs.
Unlike our frying pans, we spin this iron wok to a thickness of only 1mm. We do this to ensure that the wok heats up quickly when placed on the hob and cools down fast when the heat is removed, an essential requirement for stir-fry cooking.
This wok is light and easy to handle.

Netherton Foundry
Product typ:
Spun Iron
2 years
0,75 kg

Why choose a pre- seasoned wok pan?
No chemicals or PTFE are used in the coating of the wok.
The edible Sussex flax oil coating is easy to wash & naturally non-stick. It is ready for immediate use.
Coating can be simply restored at home, time after time .
Iron pans are tough and can be used at very high temperatures.
This iron pan is suitable for all types of hobs, grills and ovens. Perfect for induction.
Iron is a pure, simple metal which is easy to look after & very recyclable.
What’s special about Netherton's spun black iron wok pans?
Serious cooks and professional chefs love the way that black iron wok pans heat evenly and give great cooking performance.
The more you use your wok pan, the better it gets as the seasoned patina develops.
A couple of handy tips:

     If you are cooking meat or fish -  oil the food, not the wok
     Be patient; allow the food to cook before trying to turn it over.
     Don't fry food straight from the fridge, allow it to come up to room temperature.

    Every time you use the wok pan, heat it slowly to frying temperature, then you can use full power.
    This is especially important if you are using powerful cooking hobs such as induction.
    Use a hob the same size as the wok base, small rings will warp the pan.
    Never drop a hot pan into cold water. This will buckle it.

If your wok pan has oak handles, the grain on every piece is unique and each one is branded by hand. They are like fingerprints, no two are identical.
Love your wok pan and follow our instructions for re-seasoning. Oven seasoning is kinder to the pan than hob top seasoning and it also give a nicer looking finish. We suggest that you only use hob top seasoning, if your oven is too small for your pan or you are re-seasoning your wok.
Your pan will develop with use and, if cared for,  will age beautifully and be a friend for life.

SKU 1500-NFS-114
Weight/ kg 1.18
Material Iron, Wood
Width / cm 33
Height / cm 7.5
Delivery Time / Days 2-3
Condition new
Size 40 cm

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