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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Agreement Andreas Hoffmann and Markus Laspeyres GbR
(in the following called Eisenbams.de)

1. Applicability
1.1 All deliveries and services of Eisenbams.de are based on the terms of agreement at hand.
1.2 Eisenbams.de exclusively delivers following its own terms and conditions. Customers’ diverging purchasing or supplying terms are void for the purposes of the contract with Eisenbams.de.

2. Contract initiation
2.1 When placing an order via internet, phone, fax or email, the customer makes a binding offer on the goods to be purchased. By sending an acknowledgment letter, Eisenbams.de is allowed to accept this purchasing offer within a time frame of 14 days. The acknowledgment letter constitutes the contract initiation. If using the online shop, the order is valid once all requested information has been given and the "confirm purchase" button has been pressed. If placing an order via phone, fax or email, the 'Fernabsatzgesetz' (Distance Selling Act) of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.

2.2 The acknowledgment letter is sent by email regardless through which channel the order has been placed. The purchasing contract is only valid for products listed in the acknowledgment email.

3. Pricing and payment conditions
3.1 Prices valid at the time of placing the order apply to all deliveries. Prices are in Euros including 19% VAT, plus shipping costs.
3.2 Shipping costs are stated separately. Shipping costs depend on the volume ordered and are mainly derived from the weight of the delivery, the shipping destination and the service provider chosen by Eisenbams.de.
3.3 Eisenbams.de only delivers after the payment has been received. Banking information is included in the acknowledgment email with which Eisenbams.de confirms the order. For an easier tracking of all payments and a faster processing of orders, the order number stated in the confirmation email should be added to all payments made. In case of missing order information, we cannot guarantee for a timely delivery.

4. Delivery
4.1 All time limits for delivery stated in the product description are non-binding as shipping times lay outside of our control. Binding delivery times can only be guaranteed in certain, individual cases. The products are usually handed over to the chosen shipping provider within 2 days after having received the advanced payment through bank transfer. In case of having guaranteed a delivery time and in case of not being able to fulfill this commitment, the customer can set an additional respite of not less than two weeks. All other cases are subject to German law.
In case of cash by delivery payments, your products will be handed to the shipping provider within 2 days after receiving the order. Please keep in mind, that additionally to the package price (extra service fee of 5€), 2€ are to be paid to the delivering personnel.  
4.2 Partial deliveries are allowed as long as they do not create unreasonable inconveniences for the customer.

4.3 Unless otherwise instructed by the customer, Eisenbams.de can chose shipping ways, shipping providers and mode of shipment in its sole discretion. If products are transportable in parcels, the delivery is free to kerbside. In case products are unable to be sent in parcels, delivery is free (Versendungsstelle).
4.4 Eisenbams.de reserves the right to only sell volumes usual in the trade to non-wholesale customers.
4.5 We explicitly reserve the right to refrain from the contract if without own fault we are unable to fulfill its commitments. This applies to cases in which our supplier does not fulfill his commitments in due course. If so, we will immediately inform the customer and reimburse made payments. 

5. Damages / Cut-off periods for liability claims
Shipments delivered with apparent damage to the packaging or the content of the package, shall be notified to Eisenbams.de (contact details in the following) not later than 2 weeks after receipt without prejudice to the customer’s right to warranty claims

Markus Laspeyres und Andreas Hoffmann GbR
Eisenbahnstr. 73
14542 Werder / Havel

Telefon/Fax: +49 3327 547 3732
Mobil: +49 176 610 962 53
E-Mail: info@eisenbams.de
6. Reservation of proprietary rights
Shipped goods remain the sole property of Eisenbams.de until all payments have been effected.

7. Warranty
Warranty is subject of German law.

8. Data protection
8.1 Data that has been transmitted through the order will be processed and saved to handle the contract fulfillments. Data will only be passed on if necessary for the handling of the contract and the fulfillment of its obligations.
8.2 In case you provided us with personal data or information, we will only make use of these to answer your inquiries, to handle the contractual relationship or for the technical administration purposes.
8.3 Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations or if you gave your explicit consent. For future handlings, you can revoke your previously made consent anytime.
8.4 In case that you revoke your consent or in case we do not longer need personal data for the handling of the contract or for whichever purpose they had been saved for, we will delete all information.
8.5 Following your written request, we will inform you anytime about all data that we currently save on your behalf.

9. Place of fulfillment and applicable law
Place of fulfillment is Potsdam. For the fulfillment of the contract the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

10. Severability Clause
In case a provision made in the terms of agreement at hand or any provision made in other agreements of the contract is void, this does not affect the applicability of all other valid provisions. The void provision or provisions shall be replaced by adequate rules that while staying within the legal frame are in their economic impact closest to the void provision.

Contractor information 

Markus Laspeyres und Andreas Hoffmann GbR
Eisenbahnstr. 73
14542 Werder / Havel

Telefon/Fax: +49 3327 547 3732
Mobil: +49 176 610 962 53
E-Mail: info@eisenbams.de

§ 11 Online Dispute Resolution
Online Dispute Resolution in accordance with Article 14 , Section 1 of ODR - VO : The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution ( OS )/ provides that under http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.