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Künzi Hobo Stove Magic-Flame NG+

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The Roland Künzi Magic-Flame NG + is so versatile and powerful over other Hobo cookers that you do not know where to begin when praise of all:

• while sparing: low consumption of fuel for cooking and heating

• the design & construction: thoughtful as immediately usable, stable, highly optimized stainless steel, light weight, Swiss made, postcard size

• hole grid for versatility of fuel suage: through a sophisticated plug-in system (aluminum trays), tea lights, rechauds and petroleum burners can be operated perfectly not only wood but eg. also the Trangia, small esbit & alcohol paste burner, alcohol paste in small containers.

• performance: efficient use of fuel to optimal heat dissipation to about 800 ° C, thereby self-cleaning

• reliability: even moist fuel is flammable by excessive heating and fires pots and pans of the outdoor kitchen without problems

• warranty: LONG LIVE! Each defective Magic-Flame NG + Hobo Stove will be replaced or repaired

Product typ:
Outdoor Hobo Stover
Stainless Steel
as stove and heater
a lot, see top or bottom description
B x H x T (in cm) unfolded:
11 x 11 x 15
B x H x T (in cm) folded:
11 x 11 x 1
Künzi Hobo Stove, Transportation Bag, 2 Metal Brackets
0,5 kg

The Magic-Flame NG + Hobo Universal Outdoor Cooking by Roland Künzi is a logical development of the old and proven system of Hobo Stoves. Hobos were migrant workers in North America, which had to travel light and made fire in perforated cans to prepare their food.

This "high-tech Hobo cooker" with respect to highly optimized handling, efficiency and service life reminds in no shape more to tins. When folded, the outdoor Hobo Stove only measures 11.5 x 15 cm (postcard size) and is equipped with 10 mm material thickness extremely flat. The Hobo Stove therefore only requires less space and is very light with 520 grams.

Ideal fuel for this outdoor stove are small pieces of wood of any type that you all found in nature on the ground for this award-winning outdoor cooker. Wood pieces that are too small for a normal fire, the Hobo cooker converts them efficiently into usable heat. But even strong branches, the small oven eats them allwith pleasure. Under normal conditions, the burner has a power that is significantly higher than that of a comparable gas-powered stove for trekking.

Therefore, the Magic-Flame NG + Hobo Stove is the perfect equipment for hiking and traveling, camping, trekking, expeditions, survival, etc. It guarantees absolute reliability. The Künzi MF NG + will never let you down as long as you have anything combustible at hand, so exotic that fuel may be. With the new Next-Generation + additional functions you can use many alternative energy sources. The Magic-Flame NG + is so versatile and changeable like no other outdoor facilities.

SKU 250-ngplus
Weight/ kg 0,5
Material Stainless Steel
Delivery Time / Days 2-3
Condition new
Size 20 cm

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